Kingdomino Origins

Rule over the original domino kingdoms!

In Kingdomino Origins, try to develop your tribe as well as possible by bringing fire to your various camps, especially with the help of the terrible volcanoes and their lava projections. Harvest the different natural resources: mammoths, fish, flint, mushrooms, etc … to form the heroic members of your tribe and rule over the original domino kingdoms!

Rediscover Kingdomino through new landscapes

Make the most from volcanos, resources and characters

Category: Casual games
Designer·s: Bruno Cathala
Illustrator·s: Cyril Bouquet
Contents: 4 starting tiles, 4 3D huts (1 pink, 1 black, 1 green, 1 blue), 8 wooden tribe chiefs (2 pink, 2 black, 2 green, 2 blue), 48 dominoes, 1 cave board, 22 caveman tiles, 4 totem tiles (1 mammoth,1 fish, 1 mushroom, 1 flint), 49 wooden resources (16 mammoths, 13 fish, 11 mushrooms, 9 flints), 10 fire tokens (5 tokens with 1 fire, 4 tokens with 2 fires and 1 token with 3 fires), 1 scorecard notebook
Skills: Strategy, Problem solving, Math, Focus and attention
MSRP: 29,90€


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