Ninja Night

Search for treasures and fame by crisscrossing the city’s rooftops

The sun is about to rise and you only have a few minutes left to break into the most luxurious houses in the town to try and steal their treasures. But beware, other ninjas from across the region are hot on your tail.

Be cunning when planning out your actions, attacks and movements. Be mischievous and prove your skills and flexibility to become one of the best ninjas!

Initiation to programming and battle games

Immersive 3D material

Category: Casual games
Designer·s: Jean-Philippe Sahut
Illustrator·s: Medhi Merrouche
Contents: 1 Village board, 1 Counter board, 1 Moon marker, 2 trees, 16 buildings 1 stickers board, 4 ninjas and 4 bases, 4 Backpack boards, 4 action planner, 28 Trunk tokens, 12 Injury tokens, 1 Fighting string, 1 Moving string, 1 First Player token and 1 base
Skills: Problem Solving, Fine Motor, Social Play
MSRP: 34,90€


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