Pappy Winchester

Pappy Winchester has just deceased… it’s time to share his land!

His last wishes were that his heirs share the wealth and parcels of his ranch, and that the richest become the new head of the family. But the main thing is that the money stays in the family!

You and the other heirs, gather around the map for sharing Pappy’s properties. Try to get the plots that will make you rich … but at what cost? By auction we will share this land among the riskier ones.

Dynamic auctions and multiple objectives

Money is split between the opponents

Category: Casual games
Designer·s: Jérémy Pinget
Illustrator·s: Sylvain Aublin
Contents: 1 game board, 110 $1000 bank notes, 50 Hat tokens in different
player colors (10 of each color), 5 Duel tokens, 19 Plot tokens (numbered), 19
Bonus tokens, 10 Secret Objective cards, 10 Shared Objective cards, 5 Mine
cards, 3 Ranch cards, 2 Pistol Duel cards, 1 First Player token, 1 Locomotive (to
be assembled), 1 Bateau (to be assembled), 1 Auction in Progress token (to be
Skills: Problem Solving, Maths, Social Play
MSRP: 29,90€


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