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Wonder Woods

Fall is here, the woods have been watered by the rain and the mushrooms have sprouted! You and your green-fingered friends are ready to go to your favorite mushroom patches to pick girolles, morels, boletes and Parasol mushrooms! Be careful though, there are others who have found these secret mushroom patches!
Use your talent for mushroom picking to make sure you have the most delicious harvest!

Designer·s: Eli Thomas WOLF
Illustrator·s: Simon DOUCHY



35 wooden baskets (5 colors) , 56 wooden mushrooms (4 colors), 1 First Player piece, 4 Mushroom Patch boards, 16 Information cards (4 per Mushroom Patch)


  • Focus
  • Maths
  • Bluff

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A good mix of mechanics: deduction, bluffing, resource gathering and majority

A Short and immersive Gameplay experience

A theme and components with a delicious taste of nature

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