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Meeple Land

Build the most renowned amusement park of all time! Buy the most beautiful attractions, offer the best services and accommodate as many meeples as possible with buses and advertising. Meet the expectations of the meeples and success will be yours! Be careful, do not neglect any of your meeples, the unsatisfied ones will tarnish your reputation.

Designer·s: Cyrille Allard, Frédéric Guerard
Illustrator·s: Tomek Larek



4 individual Plot boards, 1 Parking Lot board, 4 Plot Extension tiles, 4 extra Park Entrances, 101 Attraction/Service tiles (32 small tiles
with adverts on the back, 40 medium and 29 large), 17 Bus tiles, 124 Visitor Meeples (35 green, 35 blue, 30 pink and 24 yellow), 1 Park Tickets token (first player token), 1 Round marker, 52 coins (33 $1, 19 $5), 4 Player Park Entrances (2 pillars and 1 banner per player), 1 Scorecard notebook


  • Problem solving
  • Math
  • Collection

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Easy-to-manage constructing game

Tactical depth: dilemmas and timing

Optimization, Linking, Collecting

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