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Mech a Dream

The year is 2143: humans and robots are living together in harmony. Since robots are unable to dream, humans have started making dream machines to solve this problem and help them out.

Thanks to your own workshop, take part in the amazing MECH A DREAM project over the course of the week you have been allotted: make the most dreams for your robots by optimizing your resources and the construction time of your machines.

At last, your mechanical friends will be able to answer the age-old question: “Do androids dream of electric sheep?”

Designer·s: Thomas DUPONT, Antoni GUILLEN
Illustrator·s: Mark OLIVER



1 central board, 42 machine tiles, 10 automaton tiles, 2 automaton counter tiles, 24 gear resources, 24 dial resources, 30 bulb resources, 1 first player token, 48 energy tokens, 4 trays


  • Focus and attention
  • Problem solving
  • Math

Action game jouable dès 3 ans

Une expérience de jeu immersive

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