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Planet: interview of the illustrator, Sabrina Miramon!

The Planet game comes out in a few weeks, it is expected for the big Essen fair. Sabrina Miramon, the illustrator, tells us more about this project by answering a few questions.

Hello Sabrina,

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your work with Blue Orange. Planet will be released in a few weeks, it is expected for the big fair in Essen, can you tell us more about this project by answering some questions?

  • What were your inspirations for Planet’s cover? And animals?

For the cover, simply the photos of the Earth seen from space. I just tried to imagine what the planet would give if it was in the shape of a dodecahedron (cf main component of the game) and to adapt it to my style. Since drawing animals is not part of my comfort zone, I used different photo references for each illustration, and I went for a slightly semi-realistic style.

Planet cover

Different steps of the cover illustration

  • This is the second time that you work with Blue Orange, can you tell us what these projects mean to you?

I loved working on these projects! I particularly like their originality, I find that the final result makes them stand out. I also very much appreciate the fact that Blue Orange trust me about the visuals of these games, it’s a big responsibility!

Tuiles Planet

Work on the pentagonal tiles of the game

  • The theme of Photosynthesis and Planet revolves around nature, fauna, flora, … Is this particular area to draw for you?

Absolutely. I started my career by drawing sets for games and animation series, it’s slowly became my favorite field. The moments where I feel most serene are those where I am surrounded by nature, calm. I like Blue Orange’s approach : being more green and respecting the environment.

  • Do you want to expand the universe of this range of games?

Definitely, if Blue Orange gives me the opportunity!

  • Do you find this inspiring universe? If so, do you have themes that you would like to develop with Blue Orange?

Of course ! If we stay in the same approach, I would see an aquatic, underwater theme …

Animaux Planet

Sketch and colorization of animals and their natural habitat

  • What other illustrations did you make in the game or other media?

I’ve illustrated other publisher’s games (already published or to be published soon): the Builders, Quadropolis, Dice Hospital, etc. I’ve also worked in animation and video games.

  • Which aspect of your job do you prefer?

I feel so fortunate to be able to live a job that is a passion, and I love the fact that my illustrations are printed in hundreds and contribute a little bit to the good times that players spend 🙂

For more information on Planet and Photosynthesis games, click on the links!

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