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About Us

Welcome to the World of games!

Blue Orange, board game publisher since 2005, invites you to begin a playful journey. From games for kids to games for newcomers, through party games and family games, we are by the side of all players in their discovery of the board game world. Our expertise has been awarded many times around the world and we salute our entire team whose work allows us to offer fun, innovative and clever games.

Our mission

Our everyday motivation is to welcome board game fans or not yet fans and walk with them through a playful journey that goes from games for kids to games for more experts, through games for family and friends. We want to be identified as THE gateway to the world of board games, the publisher that you will recommend to start your playful journey without fear or difficulty.

Our values

Whether it’s with our suppliers, our partners, our community or those who discover us, we are driven by several values that we are keen to pass on to those around us:


 Hot games


 Team spirit

 Cool Planet

Editorial policy

In 2022, we have rethought our editorial policy and reduced our releases to 12 games per year. This decision has enabled us to:

 Improve our sourcing by making it more selective;

 Spend more time developing our games;

 Defend and promote each game the same way.

The objective is always to respect our positioning and our values. This also allows us to continue promoting our best sellers so that they become established, and even continue to grow. This is why we are putting all our energy into different projects to support the promotion of our games, such as: the adaptation of Kingdomino for Dubai Expo, the organisation of the National Championships and the International Championship of Kingdomino, the edition of a Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game for the 2022 World Cup and for the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup.

Corporate games

With our deep-rooted experience as a publisher, we are embarking on a new challenge: to put our talent and the quality of our games at the service of companies. This adds a new card to our deck that allows us to broaden our invitation to join the world of board games. As a contributor to this playful world, we feed a strong desire to convert new players to join our table. To do this, we must go and meet them wherever they are.

We support companies in customising their corporate game, we select the one that best meets the needs based on the target, the values and the message to be conveyed.

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