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About Us

Blue Orange was created in 2005 in order to enhance the Blue Orange brand worldwide. We are based in France and we publish and distribute our brand in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Our values


To offer highest quality of services as well as our games.


To develop strong and enriching relationships, in mutual respect and goodwill.

Team Spirit

To be and to become better together.

Hot Games


Being a company associated with creating high quality games, designed for maximum fun, we are always seeking for new games which will last through generations and create memorable, fun moments.


All our games are designed to be easy to learn and to exercise the brain and build important skills. At Blue Orange, we treasure the feeling that comes from sharing good times with friends and family around a great game.

Cool Planet

We Plant Trees

As an international publisher of board games concerned about the ecological footprint our activity leaves on the planet, since 2017 we have chosen to work with the French and Equatorial ONG Ishpingo.

Games for all!

At Blue Orange we regularly work together with global and local non-profit organisations to arrange joint initiatives which aim to assist and entertain children wherever they are.

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