Become a renowned city planner by creating the most beautiful cities possible!

You must watch out for planning restrictions by placing businesses, houses, lakes and gardens in the right places to respect the proposed plans and build your ideal city.

Rules are easy : the colorsof the tiles have to match with the map and 2 tiles of the same color can’t be connected even by the angles. Will you manage to complete the 60 Villageo projects?

An original mechanism of tiles placement

60 challenges with increasing level of difficulty

Category: Brainteasers
Designer·s: Ives Janssens
Illustrator·s: Stivo
Contents: 16 L-shaped tiles (4 parks, 4 lakes, 4 businesses, 4 residential areas), 60 «City map» cards, 1 puzzle template
Skills: Focus and attention, Problem solving
MSRP: 14,90€


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