The insect dinner is served – do not leave a crumb… nor an antenna!

It’s dinner time for our little chameleon who is turning around a group of insects. We need to help him catch them all without exception and to feast! Put the chameleon in front of the row or column of your choice, then flip ALL insects of one colour in that row or column. Advance the chameleon clockwise for as many insects eaten. If little chameleon accomplishes to finish all his dinner you have won the challenge.

A 2-players mode

60 challenges with increasing difficulty

Category: Brainteasers
Designer·s: Bruno Cathala
Illustrator·s: Stivo
Contents: 60 Challenge cards, 16 Insect tokens (4 of each kind), 1 Chameleon token
Skills: Focus and attention, Math, Problem solving
MSRP: 9,90€

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