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Traitor Word

Word by word, stay connected! You have 5 secret words to pronounce during the game to win it. But be careful, use them with subtlety to thwart accusations, or better, try to make your opponents say them for you. Beware, they have exactly the same ambitions as you! Keep the chain of words going to avoid accusation and detect the maneuvers of your opponents.

Designer·s: Ségolène & Jean-Paul MONNET
Illustrator·s: Simon DOUCHY



– 238 Words cards
– On the front: 1 word on a black background and 1 word on a pink background; on the back: 1 flash
– 3 tokens: 1 My Turn token, 1 Off-Topic Accusation token and 1 Secret Word Accusation token


  • Combining ideas
  • Bluffing

Very subtle

A constant atmosphere of suspicion

Bluffing AND ideas association

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