Save The Dragon

Climb the big staircase of the dungeon to save this poor dragon!

Legend has it that the prince or princess who succeeds in freeing the dragon will be pronounced the savior of the kingdom. But this dragon is guarded by evil sorcerers who launch enormous boulders to keep princesses and princes away. Dodge obstacles, protect yourself behind shields and be the first prince or princess to save the dragon!

Play inside the box!

Overthrow your opponents!

Category: Kids games
Designer·s: Frédéric Moyersoen
Illustrator·s: Stivo
Contents: 1 staircase to the main keep, 1 Dragon’s room, 1 door to the Dragon’s room, 1 boulder, 4 Princess/Prince pieces, 2 special dice (1 Movement dice + 1 Action dice), 12 Bonus tokens, 1 shield
Skills: Fine motor, Social play, Light strategy
MSRP: 22,90€


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