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Potion House

It’s the big day for the Necrochu witch’s apprentices: she’s going on holiday and will hand over the Potion House to the most successful amongst you. The race is on! But it’s hard to find all your ingredients in the middle of all this mess. With your recipes and your magic wand, you head off to search the attic from top to bottom. Keep an eye on what your opponents are doing to create the best potions as quickly as possible!

Designer·s: Frédéric LAMY
Illustrator·s: Lisa GUISQUIER



1 Magic Wand, 4 Storage lids, 5 Bag cards (each card has 4 spaces for Concoction tokens), 40 Ingredient cards, 40 Ingredient tokens, 40 Concoction tokens


  • Memory
  • Problem solving
  • Processing speed

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A memory game with no downtime

An immersive gaming experience that is played in the box

The option of scaling the degree of difficulty of your potions

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