Spin Circus

Let the show begin!

Welcome to the big artists’ evening!

You will have to wow the public with the best acrobatics on the Ferris wheel. The first player to reach the end of the star-studded round will become the star of the evening.

Strong thematic immersion

The original and fun mechanics of the pincer wheel

Category: Kids games
Designer·s: Roberto FRAGA, Yohan GOH
Illustrator·s: Stivo
Contents: 1 Spinning Wheel (made up of 1 disk and 1 arrow) , 1 Post (axis for the wheel), 1 Board (Stage), 3 Acrobats Clips , 5 Artist Pieces, 1 Acrobat Dice
Skills: Fine motor, Speech and languages, Maths
MSRP: 22,90€


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