A drawing game of images’ association for dice-tectives!

Draw clues on your dice faces so that the other players can work out your theme. Roll the dice and try to find the themes of other players to win the most points.

But be careful, it is forbidden to touch the dice! It is up to you to turn around the table and unencrypt the clues drawn from all angles!

Big 3D dice

Dynamic and fun deduction’s phase

Category: Party games
Designer·s: Antonin Boccara
Illustrator·s: Simon Douchy
Contents: 6 erasable dice, 6 erasable boards, 6 felt markers with erasers, 1 two-minute timer, 50 double sided Theme cards (200 themes in total)
Skills: Creativity, Focus and attention, Processing speed
MSRP: 29,90€


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