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Sherlock Holmes – The game in which you are the heroes

London, 1895. A gang of thugs terrorizing the streets, a mansion that contains a thousand mysteries, a grimoire stolen by a ghost, a secret that hovers… The great Sherlock Holmes himself entrusts you with the resolution of these cases! You are the secret police of the famous detective, and you embody, at your choice, the agile Vicky, the powerful Ike, the observant Wiggins or the cunning Myrtle. Use your specific skills to explore the streets of London, solve puzzles, collect clues, interrogate suspects, and decode messages.

Designer·s: Ced
Illustrator·s: Grelin


Pictos Sherlock Holmes


4 books, 1 mission book


  • Cooperation
  • Problem solving
  • Speech and language

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A comic book in which you are THE heroes!

New cases to be solved cooperatively

The powers of each character change the course of investigations

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