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Kuala – The game in which you are the heroes

A comic in which you are the hero in multiplayer, what do you think? You have certainly heard about the comics in which you are the hero ©, launched by Makaka Éditions in 2012. The collection already has 20 titles, in very different category. Today, Makaka Éditions partners with Blue Orange to create “The game in which you are THE heroes”. A cooperative comic in which each player has his own book, embodies one character with special powers, and progress along with the other players on islands full of adventures and brain twister.

Designer·s: Shuky
Illustrator·s: Gorobeï


Pictos Kuala


4 books, 1 map


  • Problem Solving
  • Cooperation
  • Visual Perception
  • Concentration and Attention

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A comic book in which you are THE heroes!

A cooperative narrative adventure

The powers of each character change the course of the story

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