Museum Suspects

Who will be the best detective?

DRRRiiiiiiiiinnnnng! Hurry, close the doors, a museum piece has been stolen! The director calls in a number of highly skilled investigators to find the thief or thieves amongst the 16 suspects held inside the building.

Some clues are more valuable than others. Find the best ones to solve the case while obstructing your competitors’ investigations! Will you find the culprit(s), unless they have escaped before the closing of the doors?

A game of deduction and betting

Several possible outcomes

Category: Family games
Designer·s: Phil WALKER-HARDING
Illustrator·s: Maxime SARTHOU
Contents: 24 Suspect tiles, 1 Escape tile, 32 Clue cards (8 clue types in 8 colours, with 4 criteria per type), 48 Investigation tokens (4 colours, 12 tokens per colour), 4 Investigator tokens (A, B, C, D), 4 notebooks, 4 pens
Skills: Problem Solving, Processing Speed, Fine Motor
MSRP: 21,90€


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