Dr Beaker

Shake it, stir it, solve it!

Nothing like a good molecular experiment to reset your neurons! Move your molecules in the right slot in your beaker. You’d better be clever, skilled and fast or the other chemists will beat you to it!

Help Dr. Beaker finish his experiments! Use you stirring rod to move the molecules in your beaker and methodically realize the challenge card. The first player to collect 10 challenge cards wins the game.

After Dr. Eureka and Dr. Microbe, Dr. Beaker will challenge your brain and your speed!

Category: Family games
Designer·s: Roberto Fraga
Illustrator·s: Stéphane Escapa
Contents: 4 Beakers, 4 Stirring Rods, 24 Colored Balls (8 Orange, 8 Purple, 8 Green), 50 Challenge Cards
MSRP: 26,90€


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