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Disc Cover

Music brings people together, and the music you listen to sounds like you! In Disc Cover, turn up the volume and travel through the musical worlds of your friends and family. Match the best cover to the song you’ve chosen or identify the one selected by the other players. Between cacophony and harmony, will you manage to match each member of your entourage?

Designer·s: Roberto FRAGA, Juan Manuel RIVERO
Illustrator·s: Multiples



100 album cover cards, 24 Selection Disks, 56 Point tokens (16 tokens with a value of 5 and 40 tokens with a value of 1) , 4 Record cards, 1 First Player Record token, 1 Artists Booklet


  •  Speech and languages
  • Focus and attention

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A universal party game for the mass market

The combination of music and images

An abundance of surrealistic illustrations

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