Cupcake Academy

Roll up your sleeves and boost your team to join the Cupcake Academy!

The desserts are ready and there is only the last step left: decoration. Work as a team to achieve them perfectly in a limited time. You’ll see, it’s quite an art!

Be smart and communicate, it’s essential to be part of the Cupcake Academy! Will you have your place in the team?

A dynamic, cooperative, addictive GAME

A multiplayer puzzle game

Category: Family games
Designer·s: Erwan Morin
Illustrator·s: Simon Douchy
Contents: 20 Cupcake cups, 12 Personal plates, 1 Shared plate, 60 Assignment cards (20 blue cards for 2 players, 20 pink cards for 3 players, 20 green cards for 4 players), 1 Achievement checklist card, 1 seven-minute sand timer
Skills: Cooperation, Fine motor, Problem solving, Processing speed, Visual perception
MSRP: 26,90€


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