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Blue Orange News #4 − Of Dominos and Gift

The 4th episode of Blue Orange News is coming out today! This month we'll be talking about dominoes, birthdays, Christmas and imp!

The 4th episode of Blue Orange News is coming out today! This month we’ll be talking about dominoes, birthdays, Christmas and imp!


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You will find in this video the following headings:

The biggest Hot Games of the year

  • Number 6: Dr. Eureka The biggest hit of Blue Orange!
    Dr. Eureka needs help to carry out his experiments. Transfer the balls from tube to tube as quickly as possible and become the best mad scientist!
  • Number 5: Queendomino The Domino Arena!
    Develop the most prestigious Kingdoms by controlling wheat fields, forests, grasslands, lakes, mountains, marshes and cities. Collect coins with your Knights. Don’t neglect cities: you can build buildings that allow you to access new strategies. Try to get the Queen’s favors and… beware of the Dragon!
  • Number 4: Pengoloo – My first funny memory!
    Our penguins are ready to play with you. Roll the coloured dice and find the corresponding eggs hidden under the penguins. The first player to collect six penguins with their eggs on their iceberg won. Memory and a little luck will help you win this exciting expedition to the South Pole.
  • Number 3: Baïam Kuala – The comic book in which you are the hero.
    Go on an adventure, alone or with others, in search of the mysterious treasures hidden in the Baïam archipelago. Choose the characters with specific skills you want to play, then solve the puzzles, hunt down the secret passages and avoid the many traps that await you, because YOU are the heroes!
  • Number 2: Who Did It?The gassing game!
    “It wasn’t my parrot that pooped in the middle of the living room, but I think it was the rabbit!”. A nice poop was found in the middle of the living room. It was made by one of your pets or another player’s pet. But who did this? Try to clear your 6 animals by getting rid of all your cards! Find the right card in your hand as you make accusations, place it first and quickly accuse another animal
  • Numéro 1: KindominoBlue Orange biggest hit !
    You embody a Lord in search of land to extend his Kingdom. Wheat fields, lakes, mountains, you have to explore everything to find the best plots. But other Lords covet the same lands as you….

Winners of the month

  • After the video of the previous month, we had three winners: one on Facebook, one on Twitter and one on YouTube. Try your luck too by commenting on this month’s episodes on our social networks!

News of the month

  • Blue Orange has been created on November, 18 of 2005! Happy birthday Blue Orange 🙂

Event of the month

  • This month, Steve, our Store and Event advisor, will go around several cities in France and Belgium to visit store and make people play Blue Orange games.

Employee of the month

  • Who’s the employe of the month? Santa Claus of course !

See you soon in January! And happy holidays to all!

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