Single Card Game

Go get your smile!

What is the Single Card Game?

This is a family fun bluffing game that can be played anywhere and with everyone.

This is the most minimalist game worldwide: a single card.

This is the cheapest game in the world:  you can have it for free.

This is positive: a big smile.

The rules are fully explained on the back of the card:

  1. You put the smile in front of your mouth and spin the card for a few seconds;
  2. You stop spinning when the card is in horizontal position;
  3. The remaining players will tell you with their thumb if you smile (thumb up) or not (thumbs down), but they can also bluff;
  4. You have to guess if you have a smile on the card or not;
    If you don’t find the correct answer, you are eliminated.
  5. Pass the card then your neighbour on the left;
  6. The last player in the game is the winner!

This smile will be available for free in the board game stores near you from 7 November 2016!