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Welcome to the world of Zigotos: unique and wacky creatures ready to do anything to answer all the questions you would never have dared to ask! For each question asked, secretly vote for the Zigoto that you think best corresponds to the question. If the absolute majority is concentrated on a Zigoto, then he will be elected and will compete for the final election of Zuper-Zigoto. Will you be able to stay connected enough to elect the Zuper-Zigoto?

Designer·s: EDOUL
Illustrator·s: EDOUL



70 Zigoto cards, 46 Question cards, 48 Vote tokens numbered from 1 to 6, divided in 8 colors (aquamarine, dark blue, pink, purple, green, black, yellow and orange), 6 Zigoto Place tokens numbered from 1 to 6, 8 Connexion tokens


  • Association of ideas
  • Association of images
  • Cooperation

The incredible and rich universe of the zigotos

Party game that allow you to express your feelings/interpretation, no bad answers, interesting use for education purposes

Great with friends AND family

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