Build the great pyramid of Uxmal and claim the title of high priest!

The priests of an ancient city have agreed to build the Uxmal Pyramid. However, only one of them will be given the reputable title of High Priest.

In order to become the most renowned priest, players must honour the Gods by praying to them and garnering their favour. Be careful though as their influence is unsteady and prone to change, and rivals won’t hesitate to curse Idols in order to hinder everyone’s climb to power!

Changing odds, alliances and opportunism

Building a 3D pyramid

Category: Casual games
Designer·s: Eloi Pujadas
Illustrator·s: Mehdi Merrouche
Contents: 1 Game board, 1 Scoreboard, 29 Pyramid tiles, 5 Idol tiles, 45 Idol cards (9 cards per Idol), 16 Priests (4 Priests per colour), 4 Player aids
Skills: Math, Problem solving, Social play
MSRP: 34,90€

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