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Moon River

Expand the land you just inherited along the famous Moon River: corn fields, meadows, forests… Explore the area and locate the best plots of land to harness their valuable resources and help your herds thrive. But the Wild West is ruthless! Beware of outlaws, thieves and droughts as you expand the most fruitful lands in the country!

Designer·s: Bruno CATHALA & Yohan SERVAIS
Illustrator·s: Régis TORRES



4 Reservation boards, 8 Ranchero meeples (2 purple, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 white), 96 plots to piece together 48 dominoes, 20 Partner tokens, 32 Cow meeples 2 Landscape Bonus tiles (for the 2-player game), 1 Saloon board, 1 Score pad



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