Bye Bye Mr Fox!

Together, protect the henhouse against Mr Fox!

It’s laying day in the hen house! Together, help the 3 laying hens gather and incubate 3 eggs in their respective nest. At your turn, draw a vane token: if it is an egg, place it in the backyard, if it is an animal, place it in the meadow. Then turn the weather vane, if the arrow indicates an egg and a hen, fill the nest, but watch out if the arrow indicates a fox, it steals the egg! Good luck and watch out for the foxes!

A cooperative game for children

An introduction to probabilities

Category: Kids games
Designer·s: Marie and Wilfried Fort
Illustrator·s: Gaëlle Picard
Contents: 1 farmyard board, 3 Wooden Hens, 26 Weathervane tokens
Skills: Cooperation, Fine motor, Problem solving
MSRP: 22,90€


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