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Blue Orange Trip 2016 / Episode 1 – Pegasus Spiele – Germany

A small photo report of this day at the meeting with the Pegasus team, distributor of Dr Eureka in Germany

Beautiful offices located over 3 floors, even with a large sun terrace. One can see a large poster on the warehouse featuring 3 of their flagship games: Istambul, Camel up and Love letter. At the entrance, you quickly realize that Pegasus is subscribed to the Spiel. It will soon take to the black pawns to do the other side of the chessboard.

The very sympathetic Klaus (head of publishing boardgame) and Jan Christoph (head of publishing book). Dr Eureka will be one of the Blue Orange games that Pegasus will present this year in Germany.
We talked about role-playing with Jan Christoph. Indeed, Pegasus also publishes roles in Germany, and it can be said that Jan Christoph loves what he does. It made me want to do some role-playing with him! You will probably recognize the comic book he is reading.

Pegasus has a filming room in their premises. Here you discover some of the dynamic communication team. On the left, Michael, Marketing Director, and on the right, one of his marketing colleagues: Peter. The warehouse of Pegasus is great … Very big, and we do not see everything here. Pegasus is also a distributor in Germany. It is one of the major players in the board game in Germany, and they have the wind in their sails. But they are above all a very open team, very friendly, and real game enthusiasts!

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