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Whether you’re having fun, some problems, questions or just to give us your feedback about our products, please use the form below to send us a message.

For after-sale service

In order to process your request quickly, thank you for filling in your address and telephone number by filling the form hereafter.

For game inventors

Thanks for considering Blue Orange as a potential publishing partner for your game design!

How it works? Please e-mail your game idea to: Include a brief description of your game, a rules document explaining how to play, and pictures of the prototype. If we are interested, we will reply to your submission with a request to receive your prototype.

Please note: we do not sign non-disclosure agreements when evaluating designs, but we will not share designs outside of company personnel and company-coordinated play-test groups. The length of our evaluation process varies greatly from project to project. Although we look at designs year-round, there are several key product evaluation meetings throughout the year where we review several designs at once. Please expect about 3 months of evaluation time before receiving our final decision.

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