This is a great kangaroo game… Even for roo-kies!

As a sport, these kangaroos like to jump, change sides, act as trampolines or punching balls. Be the best coach for your team and lead them to victory collecting 3 alfalfa tokens, the kangaroos’ favourite food!

To win, move your kangaroos and use any kangaroo to bounce on it depending on its size, punch it to the other side of the playground and score 3 goals by jumping out of the playground into the opponent’s side!

Kang is a reproduction with a kangaroo theme of Gyges, a 2 players abstract game from Claude Leroy, author of severals abstract games (Mana, Kahn Tsin).

CATEGORY: Casual games
AUTHOR: Claude Leroy
CONTENTS: 1 board board, 12 2 sided kangaroos (4 small, 4 medium, 4 large), 5 Alfafa tokens

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