We at Blue Orange Games respect the environment and understand the need to work towards the preservation of our planet.

We launched a program in 2007 to benefit the environment and make our business more sustainable. We plant two trees for every tree used to create our wooden products and game cards. We planted 25,000 trees in 2012 and have planted over 100,000 trees to date!

In addition, we partner with Pure Project to calculate and offset the carbon emissions resulting from our annual road trips. This organization provides native trees for the reforestation of small producers’ Fair Trade cocoa plantations in the Amazon. Trees are strategically planted following agroforestry systems to improve the yield of cocoa trees while increasing biodiversity, replenishing the forest canopy, and preserving soil and water quality. Click here for an aerial view of the Pure Project planting location.

As of January 2013, we have offset 600,000 miles worth of CO2 emissions and participated in the sustainable development of rural communities. View our Carbon Offset Certificate


For our efforts, Dr. Toy awarded Blue Orange Games with the first Dr. Toy Green Company Award on Earth Day 2007.